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Electric metal brake

Are you a metalworker looking for a more convenient way to bend metal sheets and parts? An electric metal brake, the same as ZYCO's press metal brake could be the innovative solution you need. 


An electric metal brake, also the hydraulic metal brake supplied by ZYCO is a computer device that produces usage of electricity to fold metal sheets. Contrasted to manual steel brakes, electric ones provide several advantages:

1. Faster operation an electric metal brake can fold a steel sheet in shorter time than a handbook brake. Featuring its electric engine and settings, it may make precise and repeatable bends at a quicker pace.

2. Greater precision an electric metal brake make bends with additional accuracy when compared with individual can. Its digital settings enable you to plan exact angle and thickness of the fold, ensuring consistent results each time.

3. Safety features a power steel brake is made with safety in your mind. Its enclosed housing and security guards protect your fingers and fingers through the blades that are bending these devices is in operation.

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