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Three roll bending

Three roll bending is a process that uses three rollers to bend metal sheets into various shapes. This method is widely used in the metalworking industry due to its efficiency and versatility. , we will explore the advantages, innovation, safety, use, how to use, service, quality, and application of ZYCO bending roll machine such as three roll bending.


Three roll bending advantages over other bending methods, such as:

1. Versatility three roll bending can bend metal sheets as a quantity of shapes, including circular, square, and forms that are elliptical.

2. Precision this technique offers precision that is high accuracy, that can easily be extremely important to industries where precision is crucial.

3. Efficiency ZYCO three roll bending is a fast and efficient process, which really helps to reduce production some time price.

4. Consistency this technique helps to ensure that the steel sheets are bent evenly, ultimately causing results that are consistent.


Why choose ZYCO Three roll bending?

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How to use?

To use ZYCO three roll bending, follow these steps:

1. Select the metal that is appropriate become bent.

2. Set the rollers towards the desired shape.

3. Place the metal sheet relating to the rollers.

4. Start the machine and adjust the pressure as required.

5. Once the bending procedure is complete, get rid of the metal sheet through the equipment.


At ZYCO, we offer a comprehensive solution package for the clients like for ZYCO plate roller. We provide:

1. Maintenance and fix services for the devices.

2. Consultation services to greatly help our customers pick the machine that is best because of their needs.

3. Training services to make certain our clients can properly run our machines and efficiently.


At ZYCO, we have been devoted to quality that is supplying and products. Our machines are built most abundant in readily useful materials and undergo rigorous assessment in order to make sure durability and efficiency. We also offer you a warranty when it comes to devices to supply our client’s satisfaction.

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