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Importance of parallelism of free height of Press Brake

2024-05-29 15:38:29

Press Brake is one of the most common and important equipment in the metal processing process. Among them, the free height of the bending machine is very critical, which will directly affect the bending quality and the performance of the product.

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What is free height?


Free height means that during the bending process, the entire bending line of the bending machine slider contacts the sheet metal at the same time during the downward bending process, and there will be no unevenness. This requires that the bending machine's tools, fixtures and other components are very precise, and the heights on both sides of the Press Brake slider are consistent.


The importance of free height


1. Improve product quality: Free height can ensure the appearance and size of the bending parts, and avoid defects such as deformation and skew. This is crucial for products that require good appearance and precision requirements.


2. Improve production efficiency: Free height is conducive to shortening processing time and reducing scrap rate, thereby improving overall production efficiency.


3. Ensure safe use: If the bending parts are uneven, it will bring safety hazards during use. Free height can minimize this risk.


4. Extend the service life: Free equal height can ensure that the bending parts are evenly stressed and avoid local stress concentration, thereby extending their service life.

5. Line bending: When some products need to be bent according to the marking or the groove bending, the equal height of the bending machine is very important. If the equal height is inconsistent, the bending work in this specific case cannot be completed.


To achieve free equal height, it is necessary to start from multiple aspects:


1. Ensure that the parts of the Press Brake are of high precision and stable operation.

2. Reasonably select tool parameters, such as tool radius, angle, etc.

3. Use advanced clamping and positioning technology to accurately control the position of the workpiece.

4. Optimize bending process parameters, such as bending force, speed, etc.

5. Establish a complete quality inspection system, discover and correct deviations in time, regularly add lubricating oil to the machine, and maintain the joints.

6. The torsion axis Press Brake can adjust the eccentric sleeves on both sides of the balance shaft to make the equal height consistent. The electro-hydraulic CNC Press Brake needs to check whether the grating ruler is loose and whether the screws at the connection between the cylinder and the slider are loose. These are factors that affect the free equal height. If these maintenance work is done well, the accuracy of the Press Brake will be improved and the life will be extended.


Through the above measures, the free equal height of the bending machine can be effectively achieved, and the product quality and production efficiency can be improved.

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