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Discussion on CNC follow-up support technology of Press Brake

2024-06-07 17:42:34

Bending is a common forming process in metal processing, which is used to bend metal sheets or profiles into the desired shape. With the development of manufacturing automation, CNC Press Brake are increasingly used. Among them, CNC follow-up support technology is an important part of bending machine automation.

The CNC follow-up support system consists of three main parts:

1. Position detection unit: Use photoelectric sensors or other position sensors to detect the position change of the workpiece in real time.

2. Servo drive unit: According to the position detection signal, the support device is driven by the servo motor to achieve fast following.

3. CNC system: Receive the position detection signal, calculate the optimal motion trajectory of the support device, and issue control instructions.

In practical applications, the CNC follow-up support system needs to coordinate with the CNC system of the Press Brake to achieve optimal performance. By accurately controlling the motion trajectory of the support device, it can ensure that the workpiece is always reliably supported throughout the bending process, improving the bending quality. CNC follow-up support is mostly used for bending of longer and wider sheet metals. It can effectively prevent the sheet metal from deforming and bending during the bending process, resulting in inaccurate bending accuracy.

Application and development trend of CNC follow-up support technology

CNC follow-up support technology is widely used in metal forming processing in industries such as automobile manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, and aerospace. With the advent of the Industrial 4.0 era, this technology will also develop further to achieve a higher level of intelligence and integration.

In the future, we can expect the CNC follow-up support system to have the following characteristics:

1. More intelligent: using machine vision, artificial intelligence and other technologies to achieve adaptive adjustment and fault diagnosis.

2. More integrated: deeply integrated with the main control system of the bending machine, intelligent manufacturing execution system, etc., to achieve full process digitization.

3. More flexible: Support a variety of workpiece shapes and materials to meet a wider range of production needs.

In short, CNC follow-up support technology is the key to improving bending quality and production efficiency. With the continuous advancement of related technologies, it will play a more important role in future intelligent manufacturing.

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