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How to effectively improve the accuracy of bending machines

Dec 06, 2023

The accuracy of the bending machine mainly depends on the control of the straightness, angle and positioning size of the bent sheet metal parts. There are many factors that affect these accuracy, such as frame assembly and fixation, bending tools, sheet metal materials, human operations, etc.


1.Frame welding and assembly

The frame welding of the machine directly affects the overall strength. A strong welding method can ensure that the machine is not easily damaged under the action of force. At the same time, the welded frame undergoes cold deformation treatment or tempering treatment before finishing and assembling the accessories, thereby eliminating the need for mechanical damage. Frame deformation is a factor that affects machine accuracy. After long-term use, it is necessary to check whether the cylinder fixing screws and slide block fixing screws are loose to eliminate the risk of reduced accuracy caused by abnormal machine connection.

2. Factors affecting bending tools

The straightness of the upper mold and the lower mold will affect the straightness of the bent sheet metal parts. If the mold is deformed or damaged, it cannot continue to be used. Long-term use of a damaged mold will shorten the service life of the machine and also affect the accuracy of the machine itself. causing permanent damage. Observe whether there is a gap between the clamp, the slider and the upper mold, slide the upper mold to the plane of the lower mold, and then tap the adjustment knob of the clamp so that the joints must be completely closed and there is no gap between the upper mold edge and the plane of the lower mold. At this time, the consistency of the upper mold depth will be greatly improved. After each notch replacement, the upper mold and lower mold notches need to be adjusted to a center line.


3. Sheet metal materials

Whether the sheet metal is flat before bending, whether the thickness of the sheet metal material is consistent, whether the gravity and carbon content of the sheet metal meet the standards, these will all be factors that affect the bending angle.

4. Operator use

The operator's understanding of the machine's performance and CNC system will directly affect the bending accuracy. The operator needs to select the appropriate lower die slot according to the thickness of the sheet metal, and at the same time input the basic parameters of the plate and mold correctly into the system. For compensation The value also requires sufficient experience to control and regularly add lubricating oil to the machine. These will have an impact on the accuracy of the bending machine.


There are many factors that affect the accuracy of the bending machine. In addition to the control during production and the correct way of use, it is also necessary to pay more attention to the daily maintenance and upkeep of the bending machine.

Choosing a high-quality bending machine is an effective way to ensure efficient production and operation.

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