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CNC Grooving Machine

CNC Grooving Machine

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CNC Grooving Machine supplier

At ZYCO, we understand the importance of having high-quality, efficient tools in your metalworking arsenal. That's why we're proud to offer our ZYCO High Performance and Efficient 1250-4000 1500x400 CNC Stainless Steel Sheet Metal V Grooving Machine.


This device is built to handle even the metalworking tasks being toughest with simplicity. Featuring its motor that is effective and CNC technology, it makes quick work of perhaps the thickest, toughest sheets of stainless steels.


Among the key top features of this machine is its precision capabilities that are v-grooving. The machine was created to produce clean, well-defined V-grooves in your metal sheets, with consistent precision and repeatability. Each and every time whether you are working on just one sheet or even a large batch of them, this device provides constant outcomes.


That is also extremely efficient as well as its precision V-grooving abilities. Its advanced CNC settings let it consistently work quickly and, with just minimal downtime or errors. What this means is you may get your metalworking tasks done faster and more efficiently, without having to sacrifice precisions or quality.


Another advantage that is key of machine is its flexibility. It's designed to work with a number of stainless-steel sheet sizes and thicknesses, for a variety of different tasks in order to make use of it. Additionally, its compact design means it generally does not take a great deal up of space in your workshop, rendering it an ideal choice for smaller workspaces or mobile metalworking operations.


Overall, if you're looking for a high-performance, efficient, and versatile metalworking tool, the ZYCO High Performance and Efficient 1250-4000 1500x400 CNC Stainless Steel Sheet Metal V Grooving Machine is an excellent choice. With its precision V-grooving capabilities, advanced CNC controls, and efficient design, it's sure to become a valuable tool in your metalworking arsenals.

CNC Grooving Machine detailsCNC Grooving Machine details

CNC Grooving Machine details

Component Name
HUST, China Taiwan
Servo motor and Driver
Mitsubishi, Japan
Hydraulic system
Taifeng, China Shandong
Hydraulic cylinder
Taifeng, China Shandong
Cylinder sealing element
NOK, Japan
Electrical components
Schneider, France
Ball screw and linear guide
HIWIN, China Taiwan
Plane bearing
NSK, Japan
Tool holder
PSDNN2020K12, China
Alloy cutting head
KORLOY/TaegUTec, South Korea
White steel knife
ASSAB 17, Sweden
Single/Double Pole Air Switch
LS, South Korea
Towline cable
IGUS, Germany
CNC Grooving Machine factory
CNC Grooving Machine details
ZC-Vertical 1500-4000
Processing material
stainless steel, iron plate, aluminum plate, copper plate

Processing Range
4000 mm
8-1500 mm
0.5-8 mm

CNC System
15 inch HUST touch screen
Control method
4 axes (X Y Z1 Z2)
Storage capacity
Store 99 groups, and slot 999 small V ports in one group
Transfer method
Ball screw/linear guide/pinion and rack
Hydraulic Clamping device

Processing speed
X axis (slotting)
0-90 m/min (Stepless speed regulation)
Y axis (back feeder)
0-90 m/min (Stepless speed regulation)
Z1 Z2 axis (tool holder)
0-20 m/min (Stepless speed regulation)

Processing precision
X axis (slotting)
±0.05 mm
Y axis (back feeder)
±0.02 mm
Z1 Z2 axis (tool holder)
±0.02 mm

Machine body precision
Workbench parallelism
±0.03 mm
Crossbeam guide rail parallelism
±0.03 mm
Back feeder guide rail parallelism
±0.03 mm
5800 x 2100 x 2000 mm
12000 kg
CNC Grooving Machine supplierCNC Grooving Machine detailsCNC Grooving Machine supplierCNC Grooving Machine manufactureCNC Grooving Machine supplierCNC Grooving Machine detailsCNC Grooving Machine detailsCNC Grooving Machine manufactureCNC Grooving Machine details
Q:How to get a accurate quotation from us?
A:Please provide us the details of material, max thickness and max width.

Q:Can you do OEM service?
A:Yes, we can. your design is accepted, your own logo can be used on the machine.

Q:What's the shipping cost from china to your country?
A:We can send machine to your port or door address by sea or airplane. please kindly tell us your
nearest port or address with postcode. we have reliable shipping agent to insure the safe convenient and time delivery.

Q:Do you accept LC payment?
A:Yes, normally our payment is 30%+70% T/T, LC payment is also acceptable.

Q:How to operate this machine?
A:Video line of our factory or we send you the video directly.

Q:What about commissioning service?
A:We can offer commissioning service, the buyer need to afford plane tickets.

Q:Do you offer teaching & training?
A:Training at supplier's plant.


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