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80 ton press brake

The 80 ton press brake: Manufactured by ZYCO


If you are thinking about purchasing new hydraulic press braking system, begin considering an 80 ton press braking system. This ZYCO's machine is wonderful for bending and shaping steel of various thicknesses. Take a good look at advantageous assets to choosing an 80 ton press brake when it comes to metal fabrication needs:

- It includes precise and constant bending outcomes because of high force ability and adjustable tonnage settings.

- It is versatile and thus can fold a variety material, including steel, aluminum, also copper.

- Its lightweight dimensions are fantastic for small and medium-sized fabrication, considering the fact so it does not occupy a lot of area.

- This hydraulic press brake machine really is fairly simple to work alongside with user-friendly settings, making it suitable for experienced and novice operators alike.

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