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Press Brake structure analysis

Mar 05, 2024

Press Brake, as we all know, is a machine used for sheet metal processing. There are many types of bending machines, including manual bending machines, hydraulic bending machines, and CNC bending machines. With the development of modern industry, CNC Press Brake occupy a dominant position in the industry. Its advantages are fast speed, high precision, and low failure rate, which greatly improves production efficiency. In this article, we will conduct a structural analysis of the CNC electro-hydraulic Press Brake.


1、Machine frame

The frame of the machine is composed of a fuel tank connected to the wall panels on both sides and welded to the workbench support plate to form a frame. The welding of the frame directly determines the basic strength of the machine. After the frame is welded, it needs to be processed to eliminate deformation before finishing. Ensure the verticality and parallelism of the machine.


The workbench is divided into: automatic mechanical Crowning workbench, manual mechanical Crowning workbench and ordinary workbench. Their basic functions are the same, and they are used as support and work for the lower mold. The ordinary workbench does not have any function. The advantage of the mechanical Crowning workbench is that it can compensate for the intermediate angle of the bent workpiece, making the bending workpiece more precise.



The slide block is one of the main structures of the machine movement. It is used to install the quick clamp and the upper mold to combine the entire bending movement with the stroke. Its action is driven by the oil cylinder, and both sides are connected to the oil cylinder. The main accuracy of the slide block is the control of straightness. Control will directly affect the straightness of the upper mold and the straightness of the bent workpiece.

4、Tool Clamps

Clamps are divided into ordinary clamps and quick clamps. The quick clamps are the most widely used, with high efficiency and high precision. The clamps are installed on the slider. Their purpose is to integrate the installation and integration of each section of the mold in one place. The accuracy of the clamps also directly affects The installation accuracy of the mold.


5、Back Gauge

The back gauge of the bending machine is one of the important parts of the machine and is used to control and adjust the position and length required to bend the workpiece. The backgauge is installed at the back of the machine and has 1-axis, 2-axis, 4-axis, and 6-axis movement modes. The driving method is to input the required length through the computer and then use the servo motor to control the movement distance. Therefore, the back gauge of the CNC bending machine The blocking accuracy is very high.


The mold is necessary for the work of the bending machine. It is divided into upper mold and lower mold. The upper mold is installed on the fixture and follows the movement of the slider to bend the workpiece. The lower mold is installed on the workbench. The size of the lower mold slot needs to be selected according to Distinguished by plate thickness.

7、Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system controls the pressure and flow of the hydraulic cylinder and slide movement of the bending machine. The main motor, oil pump and valve group are important components. The electrical energy and mechanical energy are converted into hydraulic pressure through the motor and oil pump to achieve the required movement of the cylinder the purpose of pressure.

8、Control System

The control system is the brain that sends all movement instructions to the bending machine. It can receive commands and output in the form of text, symbols, numbers, and graphics. It can also output instruction codes when the machine fails to facilitate inspection and repair. The system can be programmed to achieve bending purposes, and can also store various programs. Currently, there are options for programming functions such as digital, 2D graphics, and 3D graphics. The most widely used ones on the market are DA53T, DA66T, DA69T, CT8, CT12, and CT15 control systems.


9、Oil cylinder

The oil cylinder is one of the components of the hydraulic system and one of the components that drives the slider to move. The pressure during bending is also provided by the oil cylinder. Its structure is the cylinder block, cylinder head, piston rod, and seals.

10、Grating ruler

He grating ruler is installed on both sides of the slider to feed back the running position of the slider and feed back the slider position to the computer. At the same time, the computer will also calculate and output the target value to make the slider accurately run to the specified position. Bending accuracy depends entirely on the feedback from the grating scale.


Summary: This article shows the structure and analysis of the CNC bending machine in detail. If you are a novice, you can read this article carefully, which will be very helpful for your understanding of the bending machine. ZYCO CNC Machinery Co. , Ltd. In the bending machine With 30 years of technical experience in the industry, you can browse our machines or consult our sales staff for detailed information.

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