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Revealing the secret for you: manual folding machine and hydraulic bending machine

Apr 03, 2024

With the rapid development of industry, various bending machines have gradually appeared in everyone's field of vision. Among them, manual bending machines and hydraulic bending machines have the most wide range of options. This article will lead you to understand the advantages of these two models. the difference.


1. Differences in bending accuracy:

The dimensional accuracy controlled by the hydraulic bending machine is the short side dimensional accuracy of the backgauge positioning. After the bending is completed, the error accumulates to the inner hollow size. At the same time, the bending angle is controlled by controlling the pressing amount of the upper die. The material thickness is related, and the bending angle of the hydraulic bending machine is affected by the positioning of the cylinder screw rod.

The dimensional accuracy controlled by the folding machine is that after completing a folding edge, this edge is used as the positioning reference. The size controlled is exactly the inner hollow size required by the customer. At the same time, the bending angle directly controls the flanging angle and has nothing to do with the material thickness. , the bending angle of the manual folding machine is affected by the flanging depth.

2. Differences in bending principles:

The hydraulic bending machine does not control the amount of upper and lower knife pressure to control the bending angle. When bending, the short side is included, and the operator needs to hold up most of the material on the outside. When bending large workpieces, two or more More staff to assist.

The workpiece principle of the manual folding machine is that after the plate is placed flat on the workbench, the edge beam is pressed down to fix the plate, and the folding beam is flipped up and down to achieve this side. In all the processes on one side, it is no longer necessary Manual participation in positioning and assisted turning and positioning work.

3. Problems with scratches and damage to the material surface:

When the bending machine is working, the material will move relative to the lower die, and at the same time, indentations will be left if the surface is not protected. At the same time, when bending large workpieces, it needs to be turned over and moved multiple times, and scratches will inevitably occur during the process.

When the folding machine is working, neither the edge-pressing beam tool nor the edge-folding beam tool moves relative to the material, thus completely avoiding surface damage. When bending large workpieces, since the plate is processed flat and positioned at the same time, all processing on one side of the workpiece can be completed, completely avoiding surface damage.

4. Different requirements for workers’ technical level:

Hydraulic bending machines have relatively higher technical requirements for bending workers. They need to be proficient in the operation of the CNC system and can program bending.

The operation of the manual folding machine is very simple and there is no complicated programming.

5. Drive system:

Hydraulic bending machines are hydraulically driven, which requires more maintenance and is susceptible to environmental factors.

The manual folding machine adopts a fully electric drive design.

Final summary:

Whether to choose a CNC bending machine or an edge folding machine should be based on the workpiece to maximize benefits.

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