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How to choose the right mold for your press brake?

May 20, 2024


ZYCO press brakes are essential for forming and steel bending in the sheet metal processing industry. To obtain the best quality results, the correct mold must be used. We'll explain how to choose the right mold for your press brake to increase your productivity, innovation, safety and quality.

Benefits of using the right mold:


Using the correct mold in production processing can ensure accurate and consistent bending while reducing waste and improving material utilization. The service life of the mold will also be increased.

Here are some tips to know when choosing the right mold:

1. Determine the parameters of your bending machine

First, you need to understand the key parameters of your bending machine, such as bending length, bending angle, maximum thickness, etc. These parameters will directly affect the choice of mold.

2. Choose the right material

The mold material is usually tool steel, 42CrMo or Cr12MoV, etc., and is selected according to the hardness and thickness of the material to be bent. Generally speaking, the harder the material to be bent, the harder the mold material.

3. Consider the mold geometry

The geometry of the mold should match the deformation shape of the workpiece during the bending process. Common mold shapes include V-shaped, U-shaped, angular, etc. Choosing the right mold shape can ensure bending quality.


4. Selection of mold size

Mold size should be calculated and selected based on the size of the workpiece, bending angle and bending radius. Mold size can usually be determined by empirical formulas or manufacturer's recommended data.

5. Pay attention to the service life of the mold

Molds will gradually wear out during repeated use, so they need to be inspected regularly and replaced in a timely manner. Choosing mold materials with good wear resistance can extend the service life.

6. Consider the mold processing technology

The processing technology of the mold will also affect its performance, such as precision and surface quality. There are processes such as forging and heat treatment. Molds that have been forged and heat treated are more durable.


Suppliers and Quality:

In order to ensure optimal mold efficiency and durability, it is necessary to choose a mold supplier that provides a solution after-sales technical support team. Reputable merchants have high quality, which means their mold performance and expertise can provide efficient and effective solutions.

To sum up, the mold is very important in the use of the bending machine. It directly affects our production efficiency and quality. If you have any questions about some of the elements introduced in today's article, you can contact us to discuss and learn.

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